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RhAG membership
What can RhAG do for you?
Our Development Officer is always available to deal with any concerns or questions you may have regarding various aspects of Welsh medium education.
RhAG can also offer:
• Representation in discussions with your Local Authority and/or National Assembly Member.
• Practical support and assistance in creating a strategy for your campaign.
• Assistance with lobbying
• Assistance with promoting your campaign and gaining publicity
• Advice on access to Welsh medium education for your child
• Advice on establishing a local RhAG group, play group etc
• An invitation to our Annual General Meeting
• A copy of our newsletter ‘Rhagolwg’ three times a year
• Use of our website www.rhag.net
• Access to ‘Maes Rh’, a new section on our website
We are fortunate enough to be able to count on the voluntary efforts of many parents, but to continue operating RhAG needs constant finance. We therefore ask if you could support our work by becoming a member of RhAG for this current year as an individual, organisation or school.
Please fill in the online form below - you can decide to pay with a card via Paypal or just send us a cheque. Thank you for your support.