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Noddir gan Lywoadraeth Cynulliad Cymru
Mathemateg Bellach
The benefits of Welsh medium education
At least 60 percent of the world speaks more than one language in their daily lives. So bilingualism is perfectly natural and is something children have no difficulty mastering. A Welsh medium education will allow your child to become one of this worldwide majority.

Research has shown that bilingualism and indeed multi-lingualism help children to develop mental agility, keenness and alertness. It has also been shown that children in Welsh medium education often develop written skills more effectively than those in English medium schools due to their thorough awareness of two languages.

They will find it a lot easier, too, when they go on to study foreign languages as their background has given them an understanding of the structure of language.

The government has accepted the arguments for a bilingual society, and more and more jobs demand the ability to speak Welsh.

The Welsh language opens the door to the whole wealth of Welsh culture and history and reinforces children's sense of belonging to their community.

Welsh medium education will challenge your children, and challenge them for the better.