Rhif elusen gofrestredig:

Noddir gan Lywoadraeth Cynulliad Cymru
Mathemateg Bellach
Why not learn Welsh yourself?
Of course, it's easiest to learn the language when you're young and within a totally Welsh speaking environment, but with determination you can support your child's education and do yourself a favour at the same time by learning Welsh yourself. If your child knows you're learning Welsh, it will reinforce their belief in the value of their schooling and they will delight in helping you. From your point of view, learning Welsh will open new social doors and enrich your life.

So how do you go about it? The most efficient way is to attend an intensive course (such as the 'Wlpan' course), for which you'll need several hours a week. These courses move quickly, and you'll be at a stage when you can hold a basic conversation in a matter of weeks. If you do not know any other languages and have absolutely no Welsh, it might be a good idea to attend a once-a-week course to begin with.

Most people can't spare more than one morning or evening a week. Progress in a once-a-week class is inevitably slower. You should make sure you read and re-read your notes outside of class and exploit every opportunity to use your knowledge in order to make steady progress. This kind of class can be good preparation for attending an intensive course. It will also lead on to more advanced courses. Once-a-week classes often include one or two day-long sessions at a weekend; a number of organisations offer one-off day or residential courses.

Many employers now arrange classes in the workplace for their staff. If you are an employee and would like to attend a Welsh language class, discuss the matter with your manager. If you are an employer and are interested in arranging Welsh classes in your company, contact the organisation Acen - go to their website at http://www.acen.co.uk/gwaith/

If you can't find a class to attend, there are many distance learning courses available, by correspondence, over the Internet and on the media.

In the end, you'll probably use a variety of different courses to reach your goal. Remember, it's unlikely you will acquire the language passively - you have to go out there and grasp every opportunity to increase your knowledge.

Contact the Welsh for Adults Information Line for information about Welsh courses available locally - phone 0871 230 0017, or email iaith@galw.org.