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Noddir gan Lywoadraeth Cynulliad Cymru
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Supporting your child's education
Don't worry if you don't already speak Welsh yourself. The majority of children in the Welsh medium schools of the Anglicised areas of Wales come from non-Welsh speaking backgrounds, but they can master the language just as effectively as Welsh mother-tongue speakers.

Welsh medium nursery schools ensure that every child has basic language skills before they reach the reception class, and more time can be given to the child if necessary. The parents can support their child's education by making sure there are opportunities for him or her to hear the language and use it outside of school, whilst at the same time attending Welsh classes themselves.

Your child will learn to read Welsh in school before he or she starts on their English. This can be a source of concern to parents as they see children in other schools getting started straight away on English. Don't worry! He who laughs last laughs loudest... You will witness you child learning to read English in no time when he or she is ready for it: and in the end, Welsh medium schools frequently have better results in English exams than other schools!